About Primeau Studio Web Designer

Web development is more than what you see...

A website is much more than what you see. It's accessibility, readability, standards-compliance, easy navigation and visual beauty.

Website design should consider some basic rules and it should never take the end-user for granted. Some of these web design concepts have been discussed for years and have been the reason for delight and disagreement in some cases. What a web designer should bear in mind most of the time is what his audience expects and what functionalities can be incorporated in the project considering the client's budget.

On the other hand, no matter how big or small a web design project or budget is it should observe the following principles:

  • Easy navigation. If the website visitors are not able to locate the content they are looking for, they will rush to the next door click.
  • Efficient information achiteture. This is related to the navigation aspect but implies much more. It's how the information and contents relate to each other as parts within a whole. And how those parts connect together to form a specific context and to offer the right user the right contents.
  • Simplicity , complexity, harmoni or disruption should be used within a context. You don't want a bright red with sharp black arrows as the background for a therapeutical and peaceful resort. Nevertheless, that same background may be interesting and make a statement for a heavy metal band. This is common sense.
  • Fast loading pages. Nothing more annoying than a website that takes forever to load.
  • Good use of white space. Blocks of information that are properly placed on a layout improve the site's readability and the user's experience.
  • Careful use of animation. Again, this is an issue that varies depending on the context. Entertainment sites tend to need more animation elements and that's understandable. Sites that use animation or "intros" without a purpose risk losing valuable visitors that are just not interested or don't have the time to wait for those elements to load.
  • Accessibility. Website design should consider accessibility issues such as making sure that images have the alternative text tag.In the event that someone is not able to see the images, the text may be read out to them by some systems. Other accessibility issues should be considered when designing a good quality website.
  • Standards Compliance and the observation of the W3C guidelines and recommendations for web design and development. The W3C, which stands for World Wide Web Consortium, is the organization that coordinates the development and implementation of standards and rules for web development and browser standards.